Introducing Kapia’s newly promoted Associate Director of Business Development, Lewis Didelot

Can you share with us a bit about your journey within the life science and medtech recruitment industry leading up to this promotion?

Honestly, it’s not been the most plain sailing journey.  It’s well-documented how the industry has faced some difficult times over the past year. Regardless of this, I am ever fortunate to have the opportunity to work with true leaders that are ushering in a new generation of healthcare and medicine. Especially those focusing on Rare and Uncurable Diseases. 

How does it feel to be promoted to the position of Associate Director at Kapia? What are your initial thoughts and emotions about this achievement?

What a feeling. It’s warming to know that my efforts and successes are noticed. Tonight I will celebrate with a nice meal, and tomorrow I will begin working towards that next step!

As a Principal Consultant, you have already made significant contributions to the company. What do you believe were the key factors that led to this promotion?

Perseverance and grit. Many recruiter’s careers have burned bright, but fast. I think my attitude to continue through the hard times have seen me outlast many of my competition. 

What do you see as the main responsibilities and challenges in your new role as Associate Director, and how do you plan to approach them?

While I have no doubts that it will continue to be in a dynamic role with ever-changing responsibilities (perks of a start-up), I think my main value is around bringing insight, structure and accountability to Kapia’s Business Development efforts, ensuring we are providing unique value to our partners across the board. 

In your opinion, what sets Kapia apart from other recruitment companies in the life science and medtech market, and how does this promotion align with the company’s values and goals?

Easy. A genuine relationship with our partners, not just inexperienced recruiters hiding behind a phone. We don’t need much excuse to jump on a flight to come and meet you, we have nothing to hide!  

As an Associate Director, what will be your focus in terms of leadership and mentorship for the team of consultants under your guidance?

Good question. I would say each market is unique, as is each consultant. I think my focus will be on ensuring I understand how consultants act in commercial circumstances and guide them on how best to approach their market. The one size fits all approach is outdated and doesn’t work in recruitment. 

Can you share a memorable experience from your career that has shaped your approach to recruitment and leadership?

There are a few, but the one that comes to mind would be my trip to NYC. This search had all the aspects of a successful executive hire. While still relatively junior in my career, I had the opportunity to meet with PE-Healthcare executives, take in-person hiring briefs and understand the ins and outs of a major industry player. Having the chance to be at the table during an ongoing M&A deal between two hospital groups, was something that struck me as a career milestone. 

Building strong client relationships is crucial in the recruitment field. How do you plan to enhance and maintain client relationships as an Associate Director?

I think this is something we are already holding in high regard and are maintaining successfully. I think it will be more of a case of ensuring we keep this high standard.

What advice do you have for aspiring consultants looking to progress in their careers and potentially achieve promotions like yours within the industry?

The best recruiters have difficult periods, don’t lose your head, and keep doing the right things. Also, if your company aren’t supporting you, find another that will.  

In the dynamic and rapidly evolving life science and medtech sectors, how will you stay ahead of the curve and keep the team updated on industry trends and developments?

Thankfully this industry is one I am genuinely interested in and have studied during university. I spend much of my free time either reading or listening to podcasts. I don’t really see this as work but it’s surprising how transferable it can be towards my professional life. 

Can you share an example of a particularly challenging recruitment project you’ve worked on and how you successfully overcame obstacles to achieve a positive outcome?

Oh, there have been a few. Recently, I was tasked with finding the Lab Automation Director for Insilico Medicine’s state-of-the-art laboratory in Shanghai. They were honest and said they’d exhausted their options in China and had struggled with their search. I saw this as a great opportunity to prove myself, which I hope I did! In the midst of LinkedIn shutting down in China, I had to rely heavily on pre-exciting relationships and referrals, which was fruitful.

Lastly, is there anyone you would like to thank or acknowledge for their support and guidance in your career journey so far?

The team at Kapia, for making an environment where I can enjoy my day while also working hard. It might have taken some time to find that balance, but I feel we are in a great position now to enjoy the hard work, and the results that brings. Also special mention to Goran & Lis, who have always trusted me and helped me develop in and out of work!  

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- Customer centric - Unapologetically bold
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  • Customer centric
  • Unapologetically bold
  • Committed to relationships
  • Working as one

- Customer centric
- Unapologetically bold
- Committed to relationships
- Working as one

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