Introducing Kapia’s newly promoted Associate Director, Tom Devine

Congratulations to Tom, our newly appointed Associate Director in our Life Sciences division. Tom joined the company back in 2021 as a specialised recruitment consultant in the BioTech, Multi-Omics and Liquid Handling markets. Despite an ever-changing market and industry, Tom’s work ethic, perseverance and relationship building skills have aided him in his continuous development and overall success. Continue reading to find out more about Tom’s journey at Kapia.

Can you share with us a bit about your journey within the life science and medtech recruitment industry leading up to this promotion?

Personally, I had a slow start in recruitment unlike some who burst onto the scene. To achieve this promotion my focus was to identify my strengths, what value I can add to the industry and focus on long term relationships.

How does it feel to be promoted to the position of Associate Director at Kapia? What are your initial thoughts and emotions about this achievement?

It is a great feeling to work in a group where your effort and achievements are rewarded, something we as a company do well.

As a Principal Consultant, you have already made significant contributions to the company. What do you believe were the key factors that led to this promotion?

It sounds simple but doing what was needed to bring on new vacancies and accounts. My focus going into 2023 was to help grow current accounts, however the market had other ideas and the strategy needed to change. The focus was to bring in new business and I successfully did so.

What do you see as the main responsibilities and challenges in your new role as Associate Director, and how do you plan to approach them?

For me it will be a case of keep doing what I am doing and when opportunities arise to support the growth of the company I will take them.

In your opinion, what sets Kapia apart from other recruitment companies in the life science and medtech market, and how does this promotion align with the company’s values and goals?

Being fully customer-centric and working as hard as we can to support the companies we work with.

As an Associate Director, what will be your focus in terms of leadership and mentorship for the team of consultants under your guidance?

We have a strong team with each person bringing different strengths to the organisation and I think that is what has brought us success. We try to operate in a way that is; do what you need to do to be successful.

Can you share a memorable experience from your career that has shaped your approach to recruitment and leadership?

An event very recently highlights my approach to recruitment, building strong, long term connections. A candidate I almost placed with a company around 16 months ago started a new position, through congratulating and catching up with them I learned they had 3 urgent hires. Due to them being pleased with how I worked with them in the past as a candidate, they recommended me internally to search the positions.

Building strong client relationships is crucial in the recruitment field. How do you plan to enhance and maintain client relationships as an Associate Director?

This is one of my main priorities already, therefore it is about ensuring the standards I have set – remain consistent and improve.

What advice do you have for aspiring consultants looking to progress in their careers and potentially achieve promotions like yours within the industry?

Work as hard as you can with a group of people who want to be successful and will help you to be successful.

In the dynamic and rapidly evolving life science and medtech sectors, how will you stay ahead of the curve and keep the team updated on industry trends and developments?

You have to have an interest in the industry. Research, speak and listen to people as you will pick up information everywhere if you take the time.

Can you share an example of a particularly challenging recruitment project you’ve worked on and how you successfully overcame obstacles to achieve a positive outcome?

I have worked on a few challenging projects. One role I was working on the client offered the candidate the position however they had to set up a legal entity before an official contract could be signed. This process took a long time, during this my focus was to ensure the candidate kept their interest in the role and deal with any concerns. Eventually everything was set up and signed. How I overcame the challenge here was by building a strong relationship with the candidate which meant they trusted me and the process.

Lastly, is there anyone you would like to thank or acknowledge for their support and guidance in your career journey so far?

I’m very privileged to have a very supportive family and to be part of a work team that wants everyone to achieve success, both of these have been really important to me. Additionally, Goran has played a big part in my career development and I am really grateful to him and the effort he has put in.

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  • Customer centric
  • Unapologetically bold
  • Committed to relationships
  • Working as one

- Customer centric
- Unapologetically bold
- Committed to relationships
- Working as one

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